dashQC: An interactive quality control dashboard

This dashboard is developed by the SIMEXP lab at the Centre de recherche de l’Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal. We use the dashboard daily in our lab internal quality control procedure to process large scale datasets. A demo of the dashboard can be found here.


dashQC_fmri is at an early stage of development and while we use it for our own quality control and are committed to developing it further, you may encounter problems. Please let us know about these by opening an issue. Thanks a lot and have fun.



dashQC is a modular, javascript based dashboard built to facilitate the manual quality control process of functional MRI data. We currently provide support for the outputs generated by fmriprep and NIAK. We have plans to extend this to a prospective BIDS derivative standard.

If you encounter a bug or would like to contribute to this project, please open an issue on our github repository. If you have questions about how to use dashQC_fmri please head over to neurostars.org and open a topic.


We are currently focused on implementing feedback from users of dashQC_fmri to facilitate the QC workflow. Our medium term goals are to create similar functionality for quality control with a focus on structural MRI.

short term goal

  • Separate QC rating for T1-template and EPI-T1 coregistraion (#29)
  • Change the internal datastructure to allow for faster searching and richer linkage of subject level and run level information (#17)
  • Changing QC rating layout

intermediate goal

  • Implement tagging
  • fork project to create dashQC_structural